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Pedagogy, Theory and Practice

Impact Evaluation: A Challenge for Extension (PDF)
This Journal of Extension article by M. F. Smith, University of Florida, is a historic document that focuses on the need for Extension impact evaluation definitions, strategies, methodologies and training. 1983.

Can We Define and Measure Excellence in Extension?
This Journal of Extension article by Thomas M. Archer, et al., describes how the Extension Committee on Policy responded with a task force and work group that identified a matrix based on an academic perspective of universities and an Extension-familiar perspective. Seven criteria were identified as most important, for which definitions and measures were developed. A pocket card was created that lists the uniqueness of Extension and qualities for excellence. Also proposed is a national database for entering, aggregating, and sharing the measures, as well as other data that will standardize comparisons between different Extension institutions. 2007.

The Scholarship of Extension: Practical Ways for Extension Professionals to Share Impact
This Journal of Extension article by Ken Culp, III, University of Kentucky, redefines the scholarship of Extension as "creative intellectual works that are validated by peers and communicated." Six types of scholarship for Extension are identified. Provides a framework for a national definition of scholarship for Cooperative Extension work. 2009.

Organizational Philosophy for Program Evaluation
This Journal of Extension article by Daniel J. Decker and Bettie Lee Yerka, Cornell University, purports that useful and effective evaluation must be built on the foundation of a well-articulated organizational philosophy for program evaluation. Discusses the role of program evaluation for program management and improvement, and accountability and impact documentation. 1990.

Evidence of Impact: Examination of Evaluation Studies Published in the Journal of Extension
This Journal of Extension article by Jeffrey D. Workman and Scott D. Sheer, The Ohio State University, discusses research that was conducted to explore the level of evidence of impact collected through program evaluation (outcome studies) by Extension as published in Journal of Extension. Findings show that while two-thirds of articles reported measuring outcomes, long term outcomes are evaluated and reported less than 6% of the time. 2012.

Reporting Program Impacts: Slaying the Dragon of Resistance
This Journal of Extension article by Nancy K. Franz and Mark McCann, Virginia Cooperative Extension, discusses successful strategies to enhance the quantity and quality of program impact reports that include new hires, training faculty and administration, individual and small group technical assistance, development of reporting tools, and tying impact reporting to performance and recognition. 2007.

Practical Training in Evaluation: A Review of the Literature
This American Journal of Evaluation article by Michael S. Trevisan, Washington State University, provides the results of a literature review on the use of practical, hands-on training experiences in evaluation course work and training programs. These encompass four basic approaches: simulation, role-play, single course projects, and practicum experiences. The articles are summarized, documenting strengths, challenges, and unique features for each strategy. 2004.

Guidelines for Best Practice in Cross-Cultural Surveys
This on-line resource by Beth-Ellen Pennell, Kirsten Alcser, Sue Ellen Hansen and Janet Harkness, et al., Survey Research Center, Institute for Social Research, University of Michigan, offers best practices for conducting comparative cross-cultural or cross-national survey research.

Program Evaluation in a Complex Organizational System: Lessons From Cooperative Extension
This American Journal of Evaluation Special Issue by Editors: Marc T. Braverman, Molly Engle, Mary E. Arnold and Roger A. Rennekamp, presents several articles on evaluation in Cooperative Extension, including building capacity, rigor, organizational change and other important issues. 2008.

New Directions for Evaluation
This American Evaluation Association Special Issue by Edited by Paul R. Brandon, contains previously published works on the topic of evaulation from 1978-2013. Access to articles may be limited without access via institutional (university) login. 2013.