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Maintaining Social Distancing and Safe Food Handling Practices: Guidance for Farm Markets

Updated 5/5/2020

What social distancing measures can community farmers markets and on-farm retail outlets take to protect the well-being of staff and customers?

What measures should be taken to disinfect areas of markets accessible to the public?

For hard surfaces such as tables, bins, and other surfaces:

For soft surfaces such as tablecloths, clothing, and towels:

What personal sanitation measures should be implemented at the market?

What should a farm market manager/employee do if you believe a customer or employee with COVID-19 has been in the market?

What procedures should farm markets implement to ensure proper food/agricultural product handling?

What point of sale information should be posted for customers?

Can COVID-19 be transmitted by handling or consuming food?

Can COVID-19 be transmitted from packaging and other surfaces?