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The Blueberry Bulletin

The Blueberry Bulletin is produced on a weekly basis during the growing season and contains information on all aspects of highbush blueberry production and marketing. It is edited by Atlantic County Agricultural Agent Dr. Gary C. Pavlis, with articles written by Dr. Pavlis, Extension Entomologist Dr. Cesar Rodriguez-Saona, Extension Pathologist Dr. Peter Oudemans, Extension Weed Science Specialist Dr. Thierry E. Besancon, and Dr. Janine Spies, Fruit IPM Agent. Additional articles are used from various sources which are cited.

The Blueberry Bulletin is funded in part by Rutgers New Jersey Agricultural Experiment Station (NJAES) Cooperative Extension. Questions can be directed to Gary Pavlis at 609-625-0056, Please cite this source if reprinting information that originates here.