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Simple, Common Sense

Bed Bug Information for Health Care Workers and Building Staff

by Marcia Anderson and Dr. Changlu Wang
Funded by US EPA

Worried about BED BUGS?

health care worker

Many people will enter places they suspect may have bed bugs. Home health workers, maintenance and cleaning personnel, persons making deliveries and installations, travelers, first responders and emergency personnel must enter structures that are potentially bed bug infested. Following these tips will help to keep you and your family safe from bed bug nightmares.

Prevent and Protect Yourself From Bed Bugs !

bed bug on finger

Traveling Tips

Day-to-Day Prevention

disposed off mattress near a dumpster
Don't pass your bed bugs onto others!

On-the-job Exposure to Bed Bugs

bed bug on white background image of shoes

Physical Control Methods

vacuum cleaner mattress encasement bed bug interceptor sealed garbage bag person sealing cracks


If even a single bed bug is found, it is imperative that all personnel in, and management of the affected building space be notified of the situation and provided with this information. Provide employees with actions they should take, such as increased vigilance of their surroundings and scrutiny of their possessions to avoid inadvertently taking one home. Personnel should employ plastic storage bins to isolate items that are routinely carried back and forth from home as a protective measure.

Be Alert, Be Aware,
Don't pass your bed bugs onto others! Bed Bugs Could be Anywhere!

What Do Bed Bugs Look Like?

bed bug at different development stages from egg to full grown

Signs of Bed Bugs

bed bug bites

Important, Be Sure Your Pests are Bed Bugs!!

Recognizing and Finding Bed Bugs

bed bugs on a mattress seam

Bed Bugs Hiding Places

Proactive monitoring, early detection, and prompt response will avoid larger problems.

For more information on bed bugs and IPM go to:
Pesticide Poisoning: Call 1-800-222-1222