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Food Trends for 2020

January 2020

Karen Ensle Ed.D., RDN, FAND, CFCS
Family & Community Health Sciences Educator
Rutgers Cooperative Extension of Union County

According to some nutritionists/registered dietitians (RDNs), some popular trends for 2020 include: coconut-based yogurts, puffed snacks, foods "stuffed" full of veggies and coffee "stuffed" with milk, cream and protein additions.

This coming year will bring with it new “superfoods”. In a survey of over 1,200 Today's Dietitian magazine respondents, superfoods trending in 2020 include: beets, ancient grains, and avocados along with “clean eating” trends and the keto diet.

Manufacturers are producing crunchy breakfast foods along with pancakes, souffles, and fancy breakfast bowls.  Pink fruits and purple yams along with whole grain flours will continue to be popular.  Curries and Indian food, more fast food with a cultural flare, along with fried foods will  be seen on menus and in new grocery store products. We will also see edible packaging, mood food, and Vietnamese cuisine taking the stage.   

Food stores are offering new “kid foods” with less sugar and new butter and fruit flavors like watermelon for spreads on crackers and chips.

According to Prevention magazine, trends include: ancient grains, celery juice, plant-based butters, nootropics (herbs and other substances that help your brain), and food and drink infused with essential oils. Recent consumer studies indicate people are open to using plant-based options as a way to decrease meat.  Blending of mushrooms with meat may continue into 2020 along with using shredded tofu in a variety of dishes.

Food delivery companies are getting more and more popular each year.  They tell us that we will be ordering: vegetarian options, spicy Brussels sprouts, Portobello mushrooms, empanadas, and a host of Mexican and South American foods. Smaller grocery stores will be popular with locals and offer more produce and healthy foods.  Shoppers will continue to shop frequently for “fresh” food.

New trends coming to your grocery store in 2020 include fusing soda and beverage flavors, zero-waste cooking methods, speedy checkout, meat-plant blends and more fresh produce from countries around the world.

Restaurant menus will offer more vegetables including greens such as broccoli rabe, blue peas and purple potatoes.  All parts of the plant such as carrot tops and whole carrots will be served in varied cuts and cooked by roasting and grilling with simple herb seasonings and butter.

The biggest food trends according to chefs include serving more healthy foods, whole grain breads made of ancient grains and smoky flavors.  Vegetables will continue to be a focus and the public will buy organic produce, include regional cooking in their family meals and want healthier fast food when they eat away from home. Better nutrition and food choices will dominate food trends.