Personal Finance


Assessment Tools

Consumer to Consumer Video Series

Financial Education Lesson Plans

  1. Risks and Benefits of Entrepreneurship (85k PDF)
  2. Compound Interest: Your Best Friend or Worst Enemy (106k PDF)
  3. Know the Score: Credit Score Modeling and Impacts (360k PDF)
  4. The Impact of Inflation (128k PDF)
  5. Monetary Transaction Tools (572k PDF)

Microsoft Excel Financial Templates:

Money Talk: A Financial Guide For Women


Savings Challenges:

  1. 15-Week Savings Challenge Generic (22k PDF)
  2. 15-Week Challenge Basic 15 Week America Saves Challenge (11k Excel File)
  3. 15-Week Challenge Hard Core 15 Week America Saves Challenge (11k Excel File)
  4. 52-Week Youth Money Challenge (19k PDF)
  5. The $2,500 Savings Challenge (82k PDF)
  6. 30-Day $100 Savings Challenge (102k PDF)


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