Department of Family and Community Health Sciences

Promoting Healthy Families, Schools, and Communities
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Hands-On School Nutrition Education

Teaching in the Garden

Professional Development and Training for School Personnel

Embracing the Health Benefits of Berries

Teaching Canning at the Farm

Food Safety During a Power Outage

Be prepared to keep your food safe during a power outage. Freeze water in containers (1 and 2 liter bottles work well) to help keep the freezer cold during a power outage. You may also use them in a cooler with foods from the refrigerator. Solid ice lasts longer than bagged ice.

A full freezer will stay cold about 2 days, a half-full freezer 1 day. The refrigerator will stay cold (40° F or less) for about 4 hours. Keep doors closed as much as possible. Download the fact sheet on food safety during a power outage today.

Food Day

Friday, October 9 | Cape May Court House, NJ

Farmers market, cooking demonstrations, food vendors, bakers, gardeners, beekeepers, chefs, and more!

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[FCHS Logo]The Department of Family and Community Health Sciences (FCHS), a part of Rutgers Cooperative Extension, promotes health and wellness through education, research and collaboration with outreach in food, nutrition, and healthy lifestyles.

FCHS works in your neighborhood to promote healthy families, schools, and communities. Through leadership, collaborative efforts, and science-based education, we foster a culture of wellness for New Jersey residents of all ages.

Key Program Areas

FCHS programming provides access to and involvement in a variety of learning opportunities about healthy eating and physical activity. Take a look at some of our most popular programs.

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