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Parenting the First Year

Parenting the First Year is a research-based, 12-month, age-paced newsletter series that originated from the University of Wisconsin-Extension. Each newsletter covers one month, focusing on specific parenting issues that are relevant to that particular stage of development.

Parents will benefit from reading this newsletter because it provides them with information on language development, nutrition, health, safety, child care, changes in family life, child guidance, child development, and more recent up-to-date information such as lead poisoning and immunization. An evaluation of Parenting the First Year found that parents who read the newsletter did much better than parents who did not.

Parenting the First Year is available in both English and Spanish. Contact your local Rutgers New Jersey Agricultural Experiment Station (NJAES) Cooperative Extension county office for more information, or download them from the Parenting and Child Development Fact Sheets and Bulletins page.