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BioFuel Blast with New Jersey 4-H

National Science Experiment Day
Photo: 4-H members perform an experiment.

During 4-H National Youth Science Day, youth in 4-H clubs, after-school programs, camps and in affiliated organizations across the country will conducta live experiment and debate how organic materials - like corn, switchgrass, sawdust, sorghum and even algae - can be converted to fuel to create energy.

4-H Connects Kids to Rutgers

The Rutgers New Jersey Agricultural Experiment Station Department of 4-H Youth Development is working to get New Jersey youth linked to Rutgers University.

Here are some examples of some ground breaking Rutgers research related to the 4-H National Science Experiment:

Dr. Eric Lam, the Director of the Rutgers Biotechnology Center for Agriculture and the Environment is focusing his research on replacing environmentally harmful fossil fuels with renewable, economically sustainable fuels.

Dr. Paul Falkowski is among many at the Rutgers Energy Institute who are exploring ways to use biological materials to produce energy for heat, electric power, and transportation.

Photo: Paul Falkowski, of the Rutgers Energy Institute.Paul Falkowski

These scientists are defining ways to optimize energy yields from commercial crops, like corn and soy, through innovative genetic techniques.

Dr. Kevin Lyons is one of many at Rutgers committed to making the university a leader in "green" initiatives. Dr. Lyons and his colleagues are analyzing the greenhouse gas emissions at every point in the life cycle of the products that Rutgers purchases. From the research and development of products to their eventual disposal, each and every item we use has associated emissions and costs.

Photo: Dr. Kevin Lyons.
Kevin Lyons

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