How to Submit Samples with Suspected Asian Soybean Rust

Soybean samples with suspected ASR should be submitted to the Rutgers New Jersey Agricultural Experiment Station (NJAES) Plant Diagnostic Laboratory following normal laboratory submission guidelines. Samples may be submitted directly from growers who question the cause of symptomatic plants, or from NJAES or regulatory personnel who have reasons for suspecting a possible infection. Submission forms, general sampling instructions, directions, and contact information can be found on the Plant Diagnostic Laboratory web site.

Specific instructions for ASR include:

  • Suspected plant material may be collected as leaves, stems with leaves attached, or pods. While ASR is primarily a foliar disease, it is helpful to submit an entire plant in case symptoms are attributed to another soybean disease or pest. To prevent molding, samples should be placed between paper towels or rolled in newspaper. Leaves should be kept flat. Suspect plant material may be placed in a zip lock bag and stored in cool conditions. The material may also be placed in a paper bag and stored in ambient conditions. When refrigeration is available the paper bag should be stored in a zip lock bag. Be careful not to contaminate the outside of the collection bags.
  • Include with the sample on a piece of paper the collection information (date, exact field location and sample location within the field, county name, host plant, and collector's name and phone number). Use a Plant Diagnostic Laboratory Submission form when possible. USDA Form PPQ 391 should also be completed and submitted with the sample to the state Department of Agriculture or the Plant Diagnostic Laboratory. Form PPQ 391 will be available in the Plant Diagnostic Laboratory for your use.
  • Wipe the zip lock bag containing the sample to decontaminate and then place it into a second zip lock. Mark the outside bag with identifying information and attach the appropriate forms or collection information. Drive the sample to the Plant Diagnostic Laboratory or send overnight with a commercial delivery service. Notify laboratory personnel that the sample is coming. Samples are not to be directly submitted to the USDA Beltsville laboratory.

You will be notified of the results by phone within 48 hours.

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