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ID Title Published
FS1344 Canada Thistle Life Cycle Disruptions for Effective Control in Specialty Crops 7/19/2022
FS1341 Nutsedge Life Cycle Disruptions for Effective Control 5/2/2022
FS1338 Carolina Redroot (Lachnanthes caroliniana) Identification and Control 11/18/2021
AGRS-13D Mid-Atlantic Field Crop Weed Management Guide, 2020 (258 pp.) 1/24/2020
GROW1 A Practical Guide for Integrated Weed Management in Mid-Atlantic Grain Crops (143 pp.) 9/1/2019
FS386 Aquatic Weed Control (6 pp.) 2/1/2001
FS927 Phragmites: Occurrence and Management (2 pp.) 12/8/1998
FS121 Herbicide Injury to Trees (2 pp.) 8/27/1998
FS676 Bindweed Identification and Control (2 pp.) 3/1/1993
FS629 A Guide to Herbicide Additives (4 pp.) 4/1/1992