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Hard Core Financial Education Boot Camp

Hard Core Financial Education Boot Camp is a rigorous personal finance training program for financial educators on advanced topics (100k PDF). It was offered in two locations in New Jersey during July 2012. It is the third training program in a series of Financial Education Boot Camp programs and followed Financial Education Boot Camp Level I and Level II, which were offered previously. Hard Core Financial Education Boot Camp was sponsored by the New Jersey Coalition for Financial Education in cooperation with Rutgers Cooperative Extension with financial support from Citi Community Development.

This website is a repository of videotaped presentations from the Hard Core Financial Education Boot Camp program that was held in Newark, NJ. It includes three presentations on subject matter content topics (investing, credit, and insurance), two presentations on math applications in personal finance, and interviews with program organizers and program participants (teachers). The teachers who were interviewed were asked to provide advice to other teachers for teaching financial literacy and to describe a creative way that they teach personal finance to their students.

Hard Core Financial Education Boot Camp also included ten interactive small group technology activities that were not videotaped. Each activity included a link to a financial education website. Participating teachers explored the websites and reported their experience back to the total group. The activity handout (36k PDF) is included here so you can explore these financial education websites too.

Please explore this website and use it as a resource for personal and professional development. You'll find links to the PowerPoint presentations that were provided at Hard Core Financial Education Boot Camp if you wish to have printed materials. We developed this website to build the capacity of financial educators worldwide to teach personal finance and to provide online access to a program that the financial education community in New Jersey is extremely proud of.

Welcome and Background

Subject Matter Content Presentations from Dr. Barbara O'Neill

Subject Matter Content Presentations from Paul Westbrook

Interviews with Participating Teachers


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