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The Raritan River is an important portal to many municipalities in New Jersey as well as to Rutgers New Brunswick. During their years "on the banks of the Old Raritan," many Rutgers students, staff, and faculty members have had the good fortune of enjoying recreational activities on the river. In fact, from their time spent on the "Old Raritan," some have gone on to become quite accomplished boaters, testing their skills on a multitude of other rivers, coastal bays, and the ocean.

For those Rutgers recreational boaters wishing to become certified and, perhaps, earn a Captain's license, they can now do so through an agreement between Rutgers University and the Mariners' School, which offers courses for those pursuing a professional career in commercial boating operations and for recreational boaters wishing to increase their knowledge and skills. Rutgers students, faculty, staff, and alumni are eligible for a 25% discount on a Coast Guard-approved program called the Mariners Learning System™, a series of online training programs leading to a Captain's license, and which can be accessed twenty-four hours a day, from any place you have an internet connection. Who says it's not possible to graduate from Rutgers with a diploma in your major and a Captain's license, too?

The Mariners Learning System™ is an extraordinary learning tool that incorporates broadcast quality audio/visual media, workbooks, and integrated computer-based training. This is a one-of-a-kind learning system that is based on Coast Guard-approved classroom courses. Students who successfully complete the courses will be awarded a certificate that will be accepted in lieu of the standard Coast Guard examination!

The Coast Guard-approved online courses that are available through the Mariners Learning System™ at Rutgers include:

  • Operator of Un-inspected Passenger Vessel (OUPV)
  • Charter Boat Captain/6-pack
  • OUPV Upgrade to Master 25, 50, or 100 Ton License
  • Master 25, 50, or 100 Ton License
  • License Renewal – OUPV/Master
  • Towing Endorsement
  • Auxiliary Sail Endorsement

Photo: Captain working.Course participants have twenty four-hour online access to certified United States Coast Guard (USCG) Licensed Master instructors, all of whom have undergone rigorous training to meet the standards of the United States Coast Guard. These instructors bring a level of knowledge, experience, and professionalism that enhance the total learning process. In the rare event that an online instructor cannot answer a question, toll free telephone support with a Mariners Learning System™ staff instructor will be provided.

To earn the Captain's License, within one year of successful completion of the coursework, participants simply submit their application package to a Coast Guard Regional Exam Center for its review and approval.

Much like the incalculable benefits of getting a degree at Rutgers,  the skills learned on the water and honed through The Mariners Learning System™ online courses can provide benefits that last a lifetime.

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