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Very Veggie Wraps


  1. 4 large radishes
  2. 1 largecarrot
  3. 1 medium cucumber
  4. 1-2 cups bagged salad greens (if using fresh, wash well)
  5. 2 ounces reduced fatpre-shredded cheese
  6. ½ cup reduced fat ranch dressing
  7. ½ cup hummusor reduced fat cream cheese
  8. 4 (8-inch) whole-wheat wraps

Preparation Steps

  1. Scrub and rinse radishes, carrots and cucumbers. Rinse salad greens. Pat all veggies dry.
  2. Use a peeler to peel cucumber. After peeling, use peeler to cut veggies into thin strips. (May also use cheese shredder to shred carrots and radishes.)
  3. Remove ends from cucumbers and diceor slice.
  4. Warm each tortilla in microwave for thirty secondsuntil pliable.
  5. Spread a thin layer of hummus or cream cheeses onto warm tortilla.
  6. Layer with salad greens, grated/choppedveggies, and shredded cheese.
  7. Drizzle light ranch dressing onto veggies.
  8. Roll tortilla and toppings into a log shape. Use a knife to slice the wrap in half,if desired.
  9. Repeat process until alltortillas are filled and rolled.