Similar Species

Photo of a Northeastern Sawyer Beetle. (Photo Credit: Phil Myers, Univ. of Michigan)
Northeastern Sawyer Beetle
Photo of a Cottonwood Borer. (Photo Credit: Charles Neeb, Texas A&M)
Cottonwood Borer
Photo of a White-Spotted Sawyer Beetle. (Photo Credit: Terry Thormin, The Provincial Museum of Alberta)
White-Spotted Sawyer Beetle

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The Asian Longhorned Beetle looks similar in appearance to other native insects. The above pictures represent similar looking species of longhorned beetles. All but the cottonwood borer are found in New Jersey. The Asian Longhorned Beetle can be distinguished from others by large size, black coloration, mottled white spots on its wing covers, and the white banding on its antennae.

Photo Credits:

Northeastern Sawyer Beetle: Phil Myers, Univ. of Michigan
Cottonwood Borer: Charles Neeb, Texas A&M
White-Spotted Sawyer Beetle: Terry Thormin, The Provincial Museum of Alberta

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