The Caring Connection

A Newsletter for Those Who Care for Older Adults

A growing number of Americans are caring for an older family member, adult child with disabilities, or older friend. It is estimated that 80% of people who have long-term care needs count on family members and friends to provide unpaid caregiving. Being prepared for the role of caregiver can greatly reduce the stress associated with the added responsibilities. This newsletter series, adapted from Iowa State University Extension, offers a wealth of information to help caregivers cope with the demands of their role. It provides suggestions to help make caregiving easier and more successful. These newsletters have been updated and tailored specifically for New Jersey residents, with links to current resources throughout the state

Pub. # Title Topic
FS1034 Issue 1: What is Caregiving? outlines the challenges and responsibilities
FS1035 Issue 2: Be Good to Yourself gives tips on reducing caregiver stress
FS1036 Issue 3: Finding Resources for Long-Term Care explains types of services and care facilities
FS1037 Issue 4: Balance the Roles of Caregiving discusses setting boundaries and getting help
FS1038 Issue 5: Coping with Loss advises caregivers on ways to help their family member handle difficult situations and failing health
FS1039 Issue 6: Handling Difficult Behavior offers strategies for dealing with dementia and other behavior-altering conditions
FS1040 Issue 7: Food for Body and Spirit presents ideas for proper nutrition
FS1041 Issue 8: Sources of Information summarizes resources available to caregivers
FS1042 Issue 9: To Move or Not to Move explores living arrangements for older adults
FS1043 Issue 10: Promoting Mental Health points out ways to help family members stay positive
FS1044 Issue 11: Handling Finances assists caregivers with financial planning issues
FS1045 Issue 12: Ways to Communicate provides ideas on maintaining an open, two-way dialog

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