Fall Panicum

Panicum spp.

Photo of Fall Panicum
Photo by Dr. John Meade, weed scientist emeritus
Rutgers NJAES Cooperative Extension

This grass genus has several species that are important weeds. Fall panicum (P. dichotomiflorum) is a serious weed in many croping systems such as alfalfa, corn, soybeans, nurseries and many others. An annual, it grows to 5 feet or so and tillers profusely. Switchgrass (P. virgatum) is adaptable to wet areas and is a problem in cranberry bogs and blueberries. A perennial, it forms large vase shaped clumps. Witchgrass (P. capillare ) is a lesser problem and has a much more open flower head. Two other species, not yet found in New Jersey are wild proso millet (P. miliaceum) and Texas panicum (P. texanum). These two are serious problems and hopefully we will not introduce these.

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