Sudden Oak Death Resources

  1. California Oak Death Mortality Task Force: Sudden Oak Death. 2004. This comprehensive site describes issues with the disease in California, including disease incidence, symptoms, host range, regulatory information, links to current research, and nursery chronology.

  2. North Central Pest Management Center. 2004. Pest Alert: Sudden Oak Death.

  3. Rizzo, D. M., Garbelotto, M., Davison, J. M., Slaughter, G. W., and Koide, S. T. 2002. Phytophthora ramorum as the cause of extensive mortality of Quercus spp. and Lithocarpus densiflorus in California. Plant Dis. 86:205-214.

  4. USDA-APHIS. 2004. Phytophthora ramorum (Pr), also known as sudden oak death, Ramorum leaf blight, and Ramorum dieback. This site contains links to updates, nursery survey protocols, symptoms, and regulated and associated hosts.

  5. USDA-CREES, National Plant Diagnostic Network, APHIS, and ARS. National Pest Alert on Sudden Oak Death.

  6. US Forest Service. 2004. Sudden Oak Death Pest Alert. This site is useful to distinguish SOD from other similar diseases and contains links to the Northeastern Region Pest Alert on Sudden Oak Death (2002).

  7. NJinPAS postings on sudden oak death:

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