Cranberry Health Effects

Scientists have discovered that regular consumption of cranberry juice cocktail may offer protection against certain antibiotic resistant bacteria that cause urinary tract infections (UTIs). Recent research, conducted jointly between Rutgers and the University of Michigan, suggests that regular consumption of cranberry juice cocktail could reduce the potential for development of urinary tract infections caused by either antibiotic resistant or susceptible bacteria, thus decreasing the need for antibiotics and potentially reducing the rate of resistance development. As a result of Rutgers New Jersey Agricultural Experiment Station (NJAES) research and publicity, more women and health professionals are aware of the benefits of consuming cranberry juice to combat UTIs.


Amy Howell
Phillip E. Marucci Center for Blueberry/Cranberry Research

  1. Rutgers
  2. Executive Dean of Agriculture and Natural Resources
  3. School of Environmental and Biological Sciences