Food, Nutrition, & Health Research

New Jersey's residents run the gamut from those with the willingness and ability to pay for health-promoting dietary supplements to those who can barely afford the most basic nutritional requirements. Across the economic spectrum, consumers are confused and concerned about food safety and nutrition-related information available through the media. The agricultural and food system in New Jersey must serve the entire spectrum of consumers. This system includes agricultural producers, fishermen, small-scale processors, food manufacturers, wholesalers, retailers, restaurants, and institutional food preparers. All residents of the state need to have access to a safe, healthful, and affordable food supply. Functional and medicinal foods need to be developed to enhance health and prevent disease. The health of New Jersey residents is also impacted by disease vectors such as ticks and mosquitoes, and by toxins in the household.

Current Research

  1. Rutgers
  2. Executive Dean of Agriculture and Natural Resources
  3. School of Environmental and Biological Sciences