Sample Letter to the Editor

Please work with the faculty and staff as well as the Extension Advisory Council and other advisory boards (Board of Agriculture, FCHS and 4-H) in your county to distribute this letter to the Editors of all newspapers in your county.

Dear Editor:

This year, we celebrate the 100th Anniversary of the signing of the Smith-Lever Act, which established the Cooperative Extension Service throughout the United States as a collaborative effort of federal, state and local governments coordinated by each land grant institution, with offices in every county in New Jersey.  Rutgers Cooperative Extension of ______________County allows us all to benefit from the research and education of our state land-grant university, Rutgers University and other institutions around the nation.

Rutgers Cooperative Extension has improved the lives of New Jersey residents in many ways. If you’ve learned how to choose healthier foods; care for plants and animals; conserve water; save money; or test your soil, you may have learned it from Extension.  If you’ve ever been to a 4-H or county fair, the L.G. Cook 4-H Camp, a 4-H program or gotten help from a Master Gardener, you know Extension.

On our 100th Anniversary,  Rutgers Cooperative Extension of ______________County is proud of its accomplishments in disseminating research-based information on topics as varied as food, nutrition and health, youth development, agriculture, horticulture, crop production, animal husbandry, science and technology, small business and personal finance.  The programs of Family and Community Health Sciences, Agriculture and Natural Resources, Nutrition Assistance Program – Education (SNAP-Ed), and 4-H Youth Development reach thousands of individuals and families each year.  Rutgers Cooperative Extension will continually focus on the future, finding solutions to the challenges that New Jersey residents will face in the next 100 years and sharing them to make life healthier, happier, and more prosperous.

Rutgers Cooperative Extension of ______ County Faculty & Staff