Reflections on 4-H Youth Development From:

Francis S. Mansue

Passaic County and Ocean 4-H Agent and 4-H Department Chair from 1946-1978

Fran Mansue, 4-H Department Chair with NJ delegation at Citizenship Washington Focus.

"I believe in the 4-H program with all my heart. During my career, I worked hard to mentor 4-H members to set and work towards goals, to be leaders in their communities, to be respectful and to make good decisions. My most important job as a County 4-H Agent was to maintain contact with the volunteer 4-H leaders, to motivate and support them, and keep up their morale”.

Biography: Francis Mansue received his BS Degree in Agriculture from Rutgers University in 1942. After serving in the U.S. Army for 4 years, Mansue started his 4-H Cooperative Extension career in 1946 as the Passaic County 4-H Agent for 6 years and then worked as the 4-H Agent in Ocean County for 12 years before becoming the Associate 4-H Extension Leader for the College of Agriculture & Environmental Science in 1964. It was the experience Fran had “working in the trenches as a county 4-H agent” which made him an effective Chair for the New Jersey 4-H Youth Development Department. His practical application of that experience and vision for the future allowed him to position the New Jersey 4-H Program towards doing more work in an increasingly urban environment. He obtained a $150,000 grant to establish a first of its kind, inner-city 4-H program in Newark, NJ. In 1973, he accepted the role of 4-H Department Chair for Rutgers Cooperative Extension until he retired five years later. Mansue completed over 32 years of professional service in the New Jersey 4-H Youth Development Program. After his retirement in 1978, Mr. Mansue continued his 4-H involvement by establishing the New Jersey 4-H Development Fund and serving on a part-time basis as Acting Executive Director.