In response to potential threats to the food supply, the Rutgers New Jersey Agricultural Experiment Station (NJAES) established the Food and Agriculture Biosecurity Initiative. In case of an attack, NJAES will not only provide emergency agricultural information to protect plants and animals and clean-up of the environment, but also communicate emergency management information for the public through the new emergency response communication tree. Initiative goals include creating an early warning system for the food supply from farm to table, creating a clearinghouse of information on plant, insect, and viral pathogens, as well as working with governments and industries to create standards and practices for the prevention and mitigation of food system attacks. This initiative produced several conferences to help the food industry meet the Bioterrorism Preparedness and Response Act of 2002.


Dr. William K. Hallman
Director, Food Policy Institute

  1. Rutgers
  2. Executive Dean of Agriculture and Natural Resources
  3. School of Environmental and Biological Sciences