Animal Ordering and Per Diem Rates

For Traditional Laboratory Animals

Laboratory animal per diem charges and ordering (mice, rats, guinea pigs, rabbits etc.) is administered by the Office of Laboratory Animal Services (LAS).

For Farm Animals

Farm animal per diem charges and animal acquisition are administered by the NJAES Animal Care Program. In light of the varying sources of farm animals (e.g., in house breeding, market opportunity, donation, lease, etc.) faculty should contact the Director (Clint Burgher, 848-932-7415) when animals are needed for research, teaching or demonstration. Like the laboratory animals, an approved protocol must be on file with the Animal Care and Facilities Committee (ACFC) BEFORE animals can be obtained. Additional requirements to obtain an approved animal use protocol can be found at Top 5 Things You Need to Know to Work with Animals at SEBS or NJAES. Faculty are not required to have a billing account set up for the farm animals. Billing is conducted bi-monthly with a summary cover page returned to the main NJAES Animal Care Office giving approval to charge account(s). Faculty have the discretion to use one or more accounts to cover the charges. The NJAES Animal Care office will generate an internal electronic journal entry with a copy to the faculty investigator. Click on 'farm animal per diem charges' to access the current rates.

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