Animal Waste Management Plans Deadline Passed

What Do I Do Now?

Photo: Manure spreader. The New Jersey Department of Agriculture adopted regulations in March 2009 that required all livestock farm owners to responsibly manage the manure generated on their operations--including those with horses, dairy cows, cattle, swine, goats, sheep, poultry and all other domesticated species defined as livestock.

All New Jersey farmers with livestock were required to be in compliance with these regulations by March 16, 2012.

It is not too late to complete your Animal Waste Management Plan or implement environmental Best Management Practices on your farm.

The Department of Agriculture is continuing to accept the required plan declaration pages. It is essential that you complete a plan to avoid any penalties related to non-compliance. If you want to get started please contact either your Rutgers Cooperative Extension county office or you can view the New Jersey Department of Agriculture website.

Please contact the following Extension offices for assistance:

Hunterdon County Extension Office 908-788-1338
Salem County Extension Office 856-769-0090
Sussex County Extension Office 973-948-3040
Burlington County Extension Office 609-265-5050

A full list of Extension offices and contact information may be found at:

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