The Asian Longhorned Beetle

Since 2002, the Asian Longhorned Beetle has been confirmed in three New Jersey counties. It was first discovered in Hudson County (Jersey City) in 2002 and was recently confirmed to be present in Middlesex County (Carteret and Woodbridge) and Union County (Rahway).

To prevent this insect from further damaging our urban tress and hardwood forest or spreading to neighboring states, we must first determine where the Asian Longhorned Beetle is currently located in New Jersey. With the help of sightings from homeowners, USDA, The New Jersey Department of Agriculture, and Rutgers University will be able to monitor its movement and control this invasive pest.

If you believe you have the Asian Longhorned Beetle, please see the How to Identify the Asian Longhorned Beetle link and then fill out the secure electronic form which will be sent to researchers currently working on monitoring this pest, or call 1-866-Beetle-1. If you are able to capture a specimen, please do so in any type of container.

For more information on the Asian Longhorned Beetle, contact us.

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