Administration Personnel Directory

Photo: Robert M. Goodman. Robert M. Goodman
Executive Director, NJAES

Executive Dean Goodman provides leadership and oversight for the School of Environmental and Biological Sciences and the New Jersey Agricultural Experiment Station. He works closely with university leaders to develop and implement strategic initiatives that reflect and advance the university's research, education, and outreach missions.

Cooperative Extension

Photo: Larry S. Katz. Larry S. Katz
Sr. Associate Director, NJAES
Director, Cooperative Extension

Larry Katz leads all Cooperative Extension programs. Rutgers Cooperative Extension helps New Jersey's diverse population to adapt to a rapidly changing society and improve their lives and communities through an educational process that uses science-based knowledge.

Photo: Mary Jane Willis. Mary Jane Willis
Associate Director, Cooperative Extension
Photo: Joseph Florentine. Joseph Florentine
Director of Greenhouse Operations and Planning, NJAES Research Greenhouse
No Photo Available. Joseph C. Goffreda
Director, Rutgers Fruit and Ornamental Research Extension Center
No Photo Available. John A. Grande
Director, Clifford E. & Melda C. Snyder Research and Extension Farm - Rutgers Center for Sustainable Agriculture
Photo: Daniel Kluchinski. Daniel Kluchinski
Assistant Director, Cooperative Extension
Chair, Dept. of Agricultural and Resource Management Agents

Dan Kluchinski serves as the statewide team leader for the county-based faculty and staff conducting research and educational programs in agriculture, horticulture, and environmental, marine, and natural resource management. These duties include management of departmental personnel, budget, and training. Dan is also a faculty member within the department, and his extension and research programs focus on agronomic crop production, soils, and sustainable agriculture.

No Photo Available. Daniel Ward
Director, Rutgers Agricultural Research and Extension Center
732-932-4000, ext. 4118
No Photo Available. Thomas O. Manning
Project Engineer, Ag Engineering Services
Photo: Kathleen T. Morgan, Dr.M.H., DTR. Kathleen T. Morgan, Dr.M.H., DTR
Assistant Director, Cooperative Extension
Chair, Dept. of Family and Community Health Sciences
No Photo Available. Rachel Lyons
Interim Assistant Director, Cooperative Extension
Interim Chair, Dept. of 4-H Youth Development
Photo: Jack Rabin. Jack Rabin
Associate Director, NJAES
Director of Farm Programs, NJAES

Jack Rabin provides administrative leadership for a diverse range of programs including: four off-campus research and extension farms totaling over 1,500 acres and their research and extension programs in vegetable crops, small fruit and tree fruit crops, nursery and ornamentals, and minor use crop pesticide testing; supervising on-campus research greenhouses and agricultural engineering operations for greenhouses, buildings, and research fabrication machine shop; and programs and agricultural communications highlighting tactics for sustaining farming alternatives on New Jersey's urban fringe.

No Photo Available. Nicholi Vorsa
Director, Philip E. Marucci Center for Blueberry and Cranberry Research and Extension
609-726-1590, ext. 4411


Photo: Bradley Hillman. Bradley Hillman
Senior Associate Director, NJAES
Director, Research

Brad Hillman is responsible for research programs and resources associated with NJAES. His office ensures effective use of federal formula funding through Hatch, multistate, and McIntire-Stennis programs and of state resources directed to NJAES. He also oversees intellectual property associated with NJAES scientists, such as plant variety patents and royalties. Various NJAES centers and research farms are also coordinated through his office.

Photo: Margaret Brennan-Tonetta. Margaret Brennan-Tonetta
Associate Director, NJAES
Director of Economic Growth and Development, NJAES

Margaret Brennan-Tonetta is responsible for the development and implementation of new economic development initiatives at NJAES such as the Rutgers Food Innovation Center, as well as administrative oversight of existing programs such as the Rutgers EcoComplex, Center for Advanced Food Technology, the Multispecies Aquaculture Demonstration Facility and the NJAES Technology Transfer program. She also provides economic assessments and operational recommendations for NJAES programs.

Photo: Bruce B. Clarke. Bruce B. Clarke
Director, Center for Turfgrass Science
Photo: Randy R. Gaugler. Randy R. Gaugler
Research Director, Center for Vector Biology
Photo: Carol Harvey. Carol Harvey
Assistant Director for Administration, NJAES

Carol Harvey manages the USDA-CSREES formula-funded research programs at the experiment station. She is responsible for allocating formula funds and ensuring that federal program reporting requirements are met. Carol also manages the distribution of experiment station financial support to various departments and functions, and provides the director of research and the director of cooperative extension with other financial, budgetary, and administrative analyses and support as needed.

Photo: Karyn Malinowski. Karyn Malinowski
Director, Equine Science Center
Photo: William Meyer. William Meyer
Director, Rutgers Plant Science Research and Extension Farm
No Photo Available. Christopher C. Obropta
Director, New Jersey Water Resources Research Institute
Photo: Daniel Rossi. Daniel Rossi
Associate Director of Special Projects, NJAES

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